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Bassano del Grappa hotel


looking for a Vicenza hotel with a restaurant ?

The hotel' s restaurant offers various seasonal specialities such as Bassano asparagus, radicchio from Treviso or the famous baccalà of Vicenza (dry codfish), also called alla Vicentina ..    >> continua

a charming 4 star hotels near Vicenza : hotel Pigalle

Among the various hotels near Vicenza and Bassano del Grappa and not very far from the beautiful locations in Bassano del Grappa and Asolo..    >> continua

about hotels in Bassano del Grappa

Selecting a hotel among the hotels in Bassano del Grappa and its surroundings could be a tough task if you’d be ending up on the many travel sites putting all hotels of Bassano del Grappa together in a never ending list..    >> continua

a Venetian styled hotel in Bassano del Grappa

In selecting your Bassano del Grappa hotel , there are other things apart from rates that need to be taken into consideration.
Hotel villa Pigalle has got features that make it a very unique place to make out of it your Bassano del Grappa accommodation    >> continua

a well known hotel among the 4 stars hotels in Bassano del Grappa

Among the various hotels in Bassano del Grappa and not very far from Bassano del Grappa town, our charming Bassano del Grappa 4 stars hotel is situated few kilometres from the splendid town of Bassano del Grappa..    >> continua

keep to close to Bassano and Vicenza : hotel Pigalle

our hotel is just about few kilometeres distant from both of Bassano del Grappa and Vicenza , and can be easily reached by...    >> continua

how to reach our 4 stars hotel near Bassano and Vicenza..

from Bologna: leave the A13 at Padova Ovest. Follow the sign for Bassano-Trento-Cittadella ..    >> continua