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Bassano grappa and Souraunding area

BASSANO OF THE GRAPPA, CITTA' MILLENARIAN CITTA' VENETA OF THE CULTURE Of Bassano you pick the splendor of the Middle Ages that has built up it, recorded in the stone its history and treasures of art that adorn its places. High and noble on the last hill before the unexpected mountain, fed from the ventoso river that divides it, the Brenta. The ligneo Old Bridge, intuito from Palladium, recomposes it and it re-unites it, is place celebrated from many sweethearts. Bassano is one city living, effervescente and explosive in the contagio; "A SKY BORDER FALLEN IN EARTH". E' city to turn on foot, than to every step changes face in a scenografia of public squares and carries to us, of coffee, taverns and of... markets it perfumes, full of voices and animation to you, that they reflect the vocation to the solarità and the schiettezza of the contacts. Tightened ways they cover it, great corridors, which veins of sliding, connect houses, you carry and patrizi public squares, palaces to us and modern buildings

SHOWS One frequent cities with extraordinary shows: The WORK SUMMER FESTIVAL is one famous rich summery review of concerts, from the jazz to the rock, the large more classic melodie until the lyric one; of danced, theatre, cinema and culture. (Luglio/Agosto) The famous review in homage to HUNCHBACK TITO, the competition for young lyric voices. (July) EUROMEET JAZZ FESTIVAL with concerts, workshop, jazz session in the theatres and historical center of the City. (Luglio/Agosto) DANCED Of the MILLENIUM with all the episodes meant you of the ten centuries of Bassano, represent to you and lived again in the places of the history. (September) FESTIVAL Of the ROAD ARTISTS the promotion of the plan HEXAGON that encloses cultural routes between the seven cities of art: Bassano, Marostica, Castelfranco, Citadel, Asolo, Can. The FRANK FAIR with the spectacular fire competition pyrotechnicians. SPORT Bassano loves also the sport. Great appointments every year of international resonance, from Samples you of Mountain Bike, to the Meeting of free flight, the Meeting of mongolfiere, from the cycling on track to the Hockey, or the classic trophy of automotive Rally. Today available also you live from Golf, like the new "Golf Club of Asolo", encircled from one mozzafiato scene, or the POLE CLUB, a lot searched. ENOGASTRONOMIA Finally, in order to conclude this short description of rich the bassanese area therefore of aspects that vary from the tourism to the pure one business, we mention this last point of force: the ENO-GASTRONOMIA. In fact, deep and radicate they are the prescription roots and menu typical premises, with the palate that sbizzarrisce with thousand tastes: Bigoli to the duck, the Ribboned macaroni with game gravy, the "Sardinians in saor", the Risotto of mixed fungi, the Filoncino of pig in crust, or the Lamb to the latte ones to the furnace with radicchio to irons and potatoes, and the duck to the orange. EXTENSIONS In the 2001 two great extensions of international level have been carried out: to the civic museum the VENETO 1500'S with capolavori of the painting veneta of the ' 500 capacities from the museum of the Ermitage di S. Pietroburgo - Russia. To Bonaguro palace the DAWN Of EUROPE, one extension dedicated to the Ezzelini and Federico II. Just true E': Bassano enough to meet it once, than like one fantasiosa butterfly, is put down on the eyes, and it remains to you in the heart. And in this Bassano the "Lookout" is born, premises that five centuries give accompany the history of its city, joined to modernity to the Hotel Palladium ". Premises that they offer relax, many gastronomici opportunities of excursions, and assays in order to make of your stay an unforgettable moment. PLACES OF TOURIST INTEREST In turn for Bassano, places of tourist interest - OLD BRIDGE: symbol of città;con the museum of the Bridge of the Alpine ones. - going back PRETORIO PALACE to the ' 200. - PALACE STURM of 1750 with frescoes of the ' 700, hour MUSEUM Of the CERAMICS and section on the REMONDINI. - COMMON PALACE Of the going back one to the end of aim ' 500. - CHURCH DI S. GIOVANNI BATISTE of the ' 300, restructured ' 700. - TEMPIO OSSARIO TO THE FALLEN OF THE GRAPPA - CIVIC MUSEUM: many paintings of Jacopo from Bassano, with archaeological section, pinacoteca, and Canoviana session; library with Remondiniana collection and press of the 800. - BOTANICAL GARDEN KIND WORDS - CHURCH DI S. FRANCISCO: Romanico-Gotico building of the ' 200 with frescoes of the ' 400. - CHURCH DI DONATED S. del' 200. - PALACE AGOSTINELLI of half ' 400. - going back PALACE BONAGURO to the ' 500. - CHURCH Of the going back TRINITA' to half ' 700. - MUSEUM Of the GRAPPA of Poles: tasting in native place and history of the product. - CHIESETTA Of the going back ANGEL at the beginning of the ' 700. - the reopened CIVIC TOWER after the restoration. BASSANO And OUTSKIRTSES MAROSTICA: Advanced and Inferior castle (' 300), and Public square of Chess. Every year equal, second Sunday of the Left month of September "to Chess with living personages". NINE: native land of the Ceramics. THEY Of BRENTA And VALSUGANA GOES: with hollow, roads several and coves. POVE: Museum of chisels (recording on local stones), famous for the cultivation of ulivi. EZZELINO ROMAN: - Museum of the Automobile "Luigi Bonfanti" with extensions to topic: former. Formula 1, Maserati, Ferrari, rally, etc. - Restitution of the CASTLE Of the EZZELINI with reopening of the pedestrian distance. POSSAGNO: Tempio and Gipsoteca of the neoclassico scultore Canova. ASOLO: "City of the One hundred Horizons", with mercatino of the antique dealing; City of Eleonora Duse and the sweethearts. CITADEL and CASTELFRANCO: City bulwarks. THE VILLAS IN THE OUTSKIRTSES To Bassano: VILLA CA' MICHIEL, of end ' 600, Andrea Palladium. To Roman of Ezzelino: VILLA CORNARO of the half of the ' 600. To Mussolente: VILLA BLACK PERSONS of half ' 700, built up gives To Negri and Gaidon. To Rosà: VILLA DOLFIN BOLDU' of half ' 700, author ignoto. To Cartigliano: VILLA HAT of half ' 600, attributed to F. Zamberlan. MOUNT GRAPPA A montuoso complex of the PreAlps Venete: Grappa top of m. 1775. Its history is tied to the I° World war, when the Grappa very constituted the last and decisive obstruction to the been left over one of the enemy army towards the Veneta plain with the edificazione of the Gallery Vittorio 5 Emanuele III Km. Here the Monumental Ossario that contains 12,615 fallen, of which 10,332 ignoti rises. MANIFESTATIONS AND EVENTS, TRADITION and Umoristi SHOWS to Marostica - You open them and May in Marostica international Review of humour prepared in the inferior castle Work Summer Festival Veneto - July and August in Bassano International Music, teatrali Dance, Plans, Concerts, Jazz, World Music, Lyric, Cinema to the open Danced of the Millenium - Half September uneven years in Bassano In the historical center, the eight moments more meant you of the history millenarian of Bassano Left to chess - Second fine week of September equal years in Marostica In the evocative public square of the city bulwark with living personages Reviews Gastronomiche Bassano: Festivity of asparago white man DOP - You open them & Marostica May: Market of the cherries in May, with extension and exposure the last Sunday of Possagno May: To Table with the typical products of the Community Montana, Castelfranco May: Festivity of the Radicchio di Castelfranco, Sunday before Been born them Mercatino of the Marostica antique dealing: The first Sunday of the month-excluded July & Asolo August: Second Sunday of the month Citadel: The third Sunday of the month Pit On the Brenta: Quarter Sunday of the Bassano month of the Grappa: Quarter Sunday of the month Nine - fine September in understood them world-wide of the ceramics Festivity of the Ceramics Second gear week of September the Pissotta: figured tombola to living personages Racing silk of the Castel of love - Second Sunday of September in Castelfranco Challenge of the quarters and villages to the conquest of the castle Competition Pyrotechnician - 2° Saturday of October in Bassano Mercatino of Been born them - November & December in Bassano Traditional historical center mercatino in the ways and public squares of the city with typical products and varies in a full atmosphere of emotions, joy and history Voices from the Evo of means - Last week of September in Citadel One week of medioevale rievocazione with customs, traditions, and the atmospheres Seasons in Prosa - from October to You open them Bassano, Theatre Astra Castelfranco, Academic Theatre Citadel, Social Theatre Fantadia - September, uneven years in Asolo One week of multivision with photography and music Summer to Possagno - July and August in the city of the Canova artist In the country born them of the artist, folkloristic, cultural, eno-gastronomici appointments and mercatini of the handicraft Frank fair - 1° Thursday of October in Bassano popular Traditions venete in the city center, bucherelle of every type. Fairs - Entefiera in Vicenza VicenzaOro1: VicenzaOro2 January: Orogemma June: September Space House: February Tempolibero: March Hall of the Novello Wine: November Open wine cellars - the last Sunday of May All the Province of Vicenza Open distilleries - the last Sunday of September and 2° Sunday of October All the Province of Vicenza Open cheese factories - the last Sunday of August and October All the Province of Vicenza Concerts in Villa - All Saturdays of July In the splendid frame of the Villas Palladiane 21 June Near Cordellina Villa, "Supper under Stars" with tasting of the typical kitchen vicentina