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CARNIVAL To VENICE WITH 9 RIVIVINATURA - 20 FEBRUARY 2007 CARNIVAL To VENICE, BETWEEN MASKS and CAKIES SPECIALITA' an occasion in order to conjugate gastronomiche art, culture and specialties, dipped in the climate of the most typical veneziana festivity, the Carnival. Tour the part from Field SS. Giovanni and Paul. Proceeding towards Long Calle S. Maria Formosa a laboratory of masks is visited in order to admire and to know the art of the veneziana traditional working of the masks in cartapesta. One proceeds therefore for Saint Field Maria Formosa, Field of the War and Field S. Zulian until arriving to a laboratory - pastry shop between antichi than Venice in order to taste the specialties of the carnevalesco period: frittele, galani and castagnole. The tour it is concluded to Saint Mark where we will be able to admire the beautifulr masks that render this manifestation all over the world famous Every day to the 10 (tour of the morning) or to the 16 (tour of the afternoon) PRICE FOR PERSON: from 2 to 9 pax: euro 50,00 to 10 to 15 pax: euro 27,00 it includes guide, pause with tasting, assurance, vat THE CARNIVAL IN TABLE... You want to taste typical cakies of the veneziano Carnival? Patrizia, veneziana cook d.o.c., will amuse teaching to you to all the sweet specialties to you that are tasted to Venice in occasion of this colored festivity: FRITTELLE VENEZIANE Bread CLAMP (sweet and yields sand bank) FRIED APPLES And other TRADITIONAL CAKIES VENEZIANI VIN BRULE' Every day they give them 17 only euro 30,00 for person from 4 to 6 pax FAT GIOVEDI' To CA' Of CONSUL 16 February 2007 An afternoon to the standard of the joy of the Carnival traditional Veneziano between masks, jokes and cakies in sontuosi atmospheres of the cinquecentesco Palace of Ca' of the Consul. Between musics, lazzi and divertimenti you will taste traditional cakies of the carnevalesco period FRITTELLE VENEZIANE CASTAGNOLE Bread CLAMP (sweet and yields sand bank) And other TRADITIONAL CAKIES VENEZIANI The all optimal and an absolutely genuine one innaffiato one from VIN BRULE' From the 18 to the 21 PRICE FOR PERSON: adults: euro 25,00 children (until 12 years): euro 15,00 The CARNIVAL Of the ISLANDS IN BRAGOZZO BETWEEN MASKS And FRITTELLE In bragozzo we will accompany you to the discovery of the carnevalesca life that she inflames in the main islands of the lagoon. We will travel between typical Murano and accompanied Burano having tasted frittelle the veneziane ones that will be offered to edge from prosecco or vin brulé. Every day from the 10 to the 14 Departure from Venice, F.te New PRICE FOR PERSON: euro 48,00 It includes tour with private boat and typical cakies to edge. From 4 to 9 pax